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Jaye Marsh and Rikki LaCoste

Jaye Marsh is the dynamic flutist and leader of Aphrodite Unbound, an eclectic ensemble performing classical works alongside their own music, planned and improvised soundscapes that marry ancient beats and modern classical sounds through a lens of looping and effects pedals with a dash of pop covers. Think Dead Can Dance meets James Galway with a side of Björk. Spanning all instrumental genres, they entrance and enthral with a mix of percussion, flute, electronics, theatrics, and an array of guest artists from piano, to harp, to bassoon. Classical music audiences will feel equally at home as fans of eclectic ethereal moods.

Marsh’s debut album ‘Flute in the Wild’ was the catalyst for this new adventure! The album has been featured on CBC, ICI Musique, and internationally on radio stations throughout the USA and the UK. Recently they were invited to perform in Chicago for the largest flute convention in the world in August 2022 and will be performing at a number of festivals in Canada and the UK in 2024. Marsh is the principal flutist of the Peterborough Symphony (Ontario) and an active orchestral freelancer and recitalist in Canada.

Percussionist Rikki LaCoste is the Co-Director of the Patakin Drum Circle, a member of Toronto’s own Samba Squad, is intimately involved in various UrbanArts projects and productions, and continues to compose and record his own original music in a life-spanning project called Panthea (https://panthea.bandcamp.com). He and his Patakin Drum Circle currently facilitate "Rhythms of the World" workshops with Drumming Masters of various disciplines from around the world at Fort York National Historic Site. Over the years, Rikki has performed in a number of bands and ensembles such as the Subtonic Monks, Haze, Wychwood Children, and IO; and alongside fantastic musicians such as Jenny Robert, Michael Franklin, Paul Fitterer, and The Tea Party's Jeff Martin. He has participated in large musical productions such as EarthBeat, Firedance, and the Winter Solstice Parade with Red Pepper Spectacle Arts.


Jaye Marsh and Andy Morris as Aphrodite Unbound at Sound Embodied 2023.


Previous events



A unique immersive concert experience that combines healing applications of sound and vibration and professional music performances in a mini-retreat at the Toronto Botanical Gardens, Toronto’s oasis in the city!

A three-hour gift to your mind and body featuring award-winning improvising cellist Keely Mackey from New Mexico and Toronto’s own Aphrodite Unbound, an eclectic flute and percussion duo performing classical works alongside their own planned and improvised soundscapes that marry ancient beats and modern classical sounds.

Immersive activities include accessible chair-yoga to improvised cello, gong sound baths with Kenneth Little of Resonant Traditions, and a mini-labyrinth walk to improvised soundscapes by the musicians together.

The event ends with a short workshop on how to take some of the experiences and recreate them at home by a faculty member of Music Care, an organization that teaches the intentional use of music for health and well being in both personal and health care settings.